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If your OpenCart doesn't have Rebel SEO URL in these sections: contact, voucher, account, special ( there are more), the module is perfect for you.

As a default, the OpenCart doesn't have Rebel SEO URLs for all sections. Now you can fix it very easily.

Full multi-language support!

For example:

index.php?route=information/contact   ›   /contact

index.php?route=product/manufacturer   ›   /manufacturer

index.php?route=account/voucher   ›   /voucher

index.php?route=product/special   ›   /special

index.php?route=account/account   ›   /account


Rebel SEO URLs easily managed the store's URLs

How does it work?

You just have to add a path e.g. information/contact and a new URL contact

After that, the new URL will be http://..donain../contact

To help you with it the module has an Import button which uploads all missing URLs in a second ( English only ).

You should remember to not use special characters and a spacebar in the URL.

For example:

Wrong URL: http://..donain../contact Us now

Correct URL: http://..donain../contact-us-now

Product details

Version 3.0
Language English
Works with OpenCart 3.0 +
Server PHP 7.2-7.4 or PHP 8.1
Anti-Hacking Protection Free ionCube 11 & 12 to PHP 8.1
License EULA
Installation Installer or FTP
VQmod No
Free update 12 months
Support 6 months
OpenCart Specialists
OpenCart Specialists

Since 2010

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Secure Modules

Secured by ionCube

Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance

Skype & FaceTime

Official Partner
Official Partner

Guarantee of Quality


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