• Quick Add To Cart OpenCart 2
  • Quick Add To Cart OpenCart 2
  • Quick Add To Cart OpenCart 2
  • Quick Add To Cart OpenCart 2
  • Quick Add To Cart OpenCart 2

Sometimes you can displayed your offer depending on the industry.

The way of displaying depends on what do you sell and how quickly your costumers can add product to the cart. The module displays the list of products as a table. You can place it in selected layouts of your OpenCart.

You can decide which table's columns will be display. Module's options let you ‘turn off’ selected columns.

The best extension especially if you have wholesalers, retailers or B2B customers.

This saves a lot of time for the customer, especially if your customers are ordering more then one product at a time, and customers with large orders, then the Quick Add To Cart module is the only way to serve their needs.

You don’t have to worry about lots of products. You can select also how many products do you want to display on each  page.

The module is dedicated to:

  • customers who need to display less product's details 
  • customers who know this product or order it regularly
  • customers who want to quickly add a lot of products to the cart
  • wholesale or similar 




2.3 +

PHP 5.6-7.0, 7.1,7.2

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