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OpenCart Security Pack Pro

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Are you sure your store is safe?

Is the data contained in it safe or is it being stolen at the moment?

Or maybe your store just turned into a post office and was sending spam? If this is the case for a while, your domain may be blocked from global search engines.

The effect of such blocks can also be that email accounts end up on a spam list and independent customers will not receive your message. 

Familiarise yourself with our PRO offer dedicated to customers who care about the security of their data and customer data;

Service check

We check OpenCart in terms of security and whether it is currently not hacked.

After review, we introduced our recommendations for changes to the store regarding security and what our operation should be changed.

The report contains list of extensions, scripts or modules that you should to remove or disable.

OpenCart Admin Folder Rename

We change the admin login path. Such hiding prevents hacking of the admin section.

Also, changing the name speed up the server and the store. This happens when, for example, bots or other malicious scripts try to log in to the store and query the store with new passwords every now and then.

Protection against Clickjacking or link manipulation

We will secure the store from Clickjacking where links to a store it believes to be known and trusted are provided.

However, unbeknownst to victims, they actually detect a malicious hidden website/layer that has been placed on top of a known website.

Check your store at

Data capture when wrong log-in

Admin section; IP address, web-browser and specific date will capture, when the password or username is not entered correctly.

Everything is stated in a special log file stored on your web-hosting

Checking the store configuration

We check the store in terms of the border in relation to security.

All important places are verified, including configuration files and folders.

Forms protection

We secure the registration and returns form in OpenCart against bots.

We set Google reCAPTCHA or install our reCAPTCHA system upon request, where you can specify the words yourself.

X-frame protection

We protect the store with the X-Frame header to prevent the external page from embedding in the store, e.g. in IFrames, thus it starts to attack with phishing or clickjacking.

Additional protection of the admin section

We additionally protect the administrator section with a password. Such protection provides a high level of security.

We set the mail correctly

In the number of server capabilities, we set it so that it is correctly sent to clients and does not create e-mail effects for anti-spam systems that it is a SPAM message *

Database check

We check the data in which there is data whether there are signs of the code injected into it.

Such code may be running on the site for years and you may not know it. Such a code usually allows you to appear in an advertising store or collect data about the store.

Checking if the page is not peeping

We check whether there is a code on the website that allows you to see what customers are doing in the OpenCart store. 

This can be done by examining behavior in the store and using dishonest service.

Checking the checkout process

We thoroughly analyse the entire process from adding products to the shopping cart to the customer's transition to payment.

It's a delicate process and in our experience that's where abuse and code injection to intercept credit card data etc very often occurs.

SSL security

We set the store under the SSL certificate. If possible, we will install a free SSL certificate. Such a certificate is granted today by Google and, what is more important, by customers who have grown and all have the insert stamp in the www address *

If you have any questions about the package, write to us now. The security of your store translates into its online reputation and sales.

Service time: 2-4 days from the order.

Notice: Our offer is not dedicated to the users of the Journal template.

* included in the price of the package but may not work on all servers or in the OpenCart store

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Version 2.0.x-3.0.x
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