OpenCart 3

OpenCart 3

The Best Modules for OpenCart

PayU OpenCart

This is integration with PayU Polish for Opencart 2.3 and 3.0.x. PayU is a leading online payment s..


GDPR OpenCart

We are excited to announce that new module GDPR Compliance to make your GDPR preparations easier wit..


Reepay Checkout OpenCart

Module Reepay for Opencart 3. This module is user-friendly so, it's very easy to use. Com..


Structured Data

Adding Schema markup to your OpenCart improves the way your page displays in SERPs by enhancing the ..


YouTube video on product page

Place YouTube video to each product page.Just place the YouTube code to a special field and that's i..


Big Post AU OpenCart

Big Post AU - delivery service module for OpenCart 2.3 and 3.0.x. Immediate access to available..


Global Payments (Realex Payments)

The simplest way to accept payments online. Integrate In less than five minutes and start ..


Hunter Express AU OpenCart

Hunter Express - delivery service module for OpenCart 2.3 and 3.0.xImmediate access to available shi..


Shortcut Buttons Opencart

Shortcut Buttons is a module for Opencart. Shortcut Buttons gives you an access to cr..


Universal Shipping All in One

Imagine: You have one module where you can create unlimited shipping options. Imagine: In the module..


Worldpay Business Gateway

Worldpay for Opencart 3 is a simple, fast and secure way to accept payments on your eCommerce site. ..


Worldpay Business Gateway PRO - OpenCart 3

Worldpay PRO for Opencart 3 is a simple, fast and secure way to accept payments on your eCommerce si..


Worldpay Futurepay

Worldpay Futurepay for Opencart 3 is a simple, fast and secure way to accept recurring pay..


Bank Transfer Pro OpenCart

If you are looking for this module now you know that the standard module OpenCart 3 for banking..


Blog CMS Opencart

Rebel Blog is the best blog system on the OpenCart market!You can create your multi-l..


Ship To Pay

The Ship To Pay module for Opencart that allows you to link the available payment methods to sh..


Sale, On Sale Soon and Latest products

A set of 3 add-ons for OpenCart 3. These pages are similar to product listings in a category, exc..


SEO Redirection

SEO Redirection module is a complete solution for custom URL redirection for your eCommerce website ..


SEO URLs 2.3

If your OpenCart doesn't have Rebel SEO URL in these sections: contact, voucher, acco..


Adyen OpenCart

Adyen module is compatibility with  Opencart 2.3.x and 3.0.x Everything you need to receive pa..


Authipay OpenCart

Authipay module is compatibility with  Opencart 2.3.x and 3.0.x Everything you need to recei..


Bambora ( ePay ) OpenCart 3

Module ePay Bambora to Opencart 3.0. ePay Bambora payment solution is the easiest and fastest ..


Bambora North America Credit Cards OpenCart

Module Bambora North America Credit Cards to Opencart 2.3 and 3.0. Bambora Credit Ca..


Barclaycard ePDQ Opencart

Integration OpenCart 3 store with Barclaycard ePDQ If you’re looking to take card payments ..


Customer Group Discount Opencart

Do you want to separate your customers to give them awesome discounts? Now it's possible because of&..


Home Page Categories OpenCart

Module Home Page Categories for OpenCart shows all categories, subcategories, descriptions, ima..


Image Gallery

Image Gallery - All of your best products in one placeAll of your customers will be able to see your..


KBC Paypage Credit Card OpenCart

Integration OpenCart 3 store with KBC Paypage Credit Card With online integrations that give..


Parallax Banner OpenCart

Parallax (effect) module is a modern form of display photos.You can also "duplicate" this module a h..


PayPal Commerce Platform for Business

An end-to-end payments platform with global scale and flexibility for many business models Mo..


PDF Invoice OpenCart

PDF Invoice is a module for Opencart.  Give your customers access to download the in..


Royal Mail Click & Drop OpenCart

Pull all the orders from the OpenCart in to your Click & Drop account and get your packages..


Abandoned Carts OpenCart

Send custom emails with a discount coupon and let the customers remind about products left in a shop..


Ask a Question OpenCart

Get more sales from your store visitors with Ask a Question OpenCart module! Ask a Question module ..


Captcha Words OpenCart

We created the module to protect your contact, registration forms and checkout against spambots.The ..


Dark Mode Admin OpenCart

Are you Darkmode lover? Now you can change OpenCart admin section to a Dark Mode in a second..


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions OpenCart

The module for the OpenCart let you create FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) se..


Google Shopping Merchant OpenCart

GOOGLE MERCHANT FEED Automatically upload your product data and let millions of shoppers see..


Inventory Management OpenCart

We know how hard work is managing a product, takes a lot of time and that's why we created this add-..


Quick Add To Cart OpenCart

Sometimes you want to display your offer depending on the industry. The way of displaying depends on..

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How to start your Blog on OpenCart

22 Feb 2017 130295

Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, more and more people are starting blogs every day. It seems that just about every person or business has a blog these days. The good news is that the free step-by-step guide on this site removes any confusion from the process.

Why we use ionCube and what it does

20 Aug 2019 59043

We are asked these questions constantly: What is ionCube? Why do I need it to use your modules?Which version? Is it free? and many more related questions

Are You an OpenCart Developer? Deal for developers!

07 Nov 2019 33285

Buy OpenCart modules to get a permanent discount for all in our store!  The discount amount depends on the number of purchased modules. Your account will be assigned to the right user groups. After login to your personal account, you will see all the prices for you.

How to install ionCube loader

18 Nov 2017 34976

Using ionCube encoded and secured PHP (Anti-Hacking Protection) files requires a file called the ionCube Loader 10.3 + to be installed on the web server and made available to PHP. 

Get Your Best E-commerce Solution Built in Just 24 Hours!

20 Jun 2023 596

Looking to establish a powerful online presence and boost your business? Look no further! Our team of experts is here to offer you an exceptional opportunity to have your dream e-commerce platform developed in record time. 

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