OCMOD modification for Opencart 2

YouTube video on product page

Place YouTube video to each product page.Just place the YouTube code to a special field and that's i..


Coupon in checkout

The modification will add a coupon field to the OpenCart checkout process.Now to use a coupon code a..


Fix duplicate SEO address error

The modification will fix the SEO URLs in the OpenCart That's means you will be able to us..


Hiding out 'Add To Cart' button if quantity zero

The OCMOD extension will disable the Add To Cart button when the product's stock/quantity is zeroImp..


Hiding out a product price if it is zero

We know how important is a good presentation of a product price.That's why we fixed the ZERO PRICE i..


Omnibus Directive

The Omnibus Directive will strengthen the consumer rights through modernization of the EU consumer p..


Theme Selector For a Customer

The OCMOD extension lets your customer to switch theme on OpenCart front section.The drop ..


Google Ecommerce Tracking OpenCart

Add Ecommerce Tracking to your OpenCart You need Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking set up for you..


Google Translate OpenCart

This modification will add a language selection menu to OpenCart.Google will automatically translate..


Mobile phone number in the contact

The modification will add a mobile field to the OpenCart's contact sectionNow, the contact section c..


Missing Menu Opencart

The missing menu Opencart 2.3 and 3 is now available. Quick access to popular functions.Th..


Separate eMails Notifications

If you need to separate messages between your employee this module is for OpenCartNote: Don't forget..


Full order confirmation to email address

This modification will fix the order confirmation in your OpenCart 3.After installation, this O..


SEO Metadata to Contact page

The perfect solution to improve the SEO of your store.The OCMOD add extra fields to the OpenCart set..


Delivery Date and Time OpenCart

The OpenCart OCMOD modification adds extra fields date and time to your standard checkout.A customer..


Delivery Date OpenCart

The OpenCart OCMOD modification adds extra field date to your standard checkout.A customer..


Hiding out of stock products Opencart

Extension ocmod.xml hiding out of stock products on the front store.It's very easy - if a stock is 0..


Increase number of positions on auto-complete field

Increase number of positions on auto-complete field OpenCart After installation, the numb..


Just one click to disable selected products OpenCart

The Opencart tweak helps you save your time.Just one click to disable selected products - as ea..


Percentage to Price Option Opencart

You can add an option of percentage to the price value in OpenCartIn regular OpenCart you can add to..


Stop spam/bot registration Anty-Bot OpenCart

Do customers with strange names register in your OpenCart store recently?A bot searches the store an..


Stop spam/bot return form Anty-Bot OpenCart

Do you get a lot of returns from your OpenCart store recently?A bot searches the store and when it f..


Extra Description Field Opencart

OCMOD modification for OpenCart 3. You will have access to add an extra description to your pro..


Free Download Attached Files OpenCart

OCMOD modification for OpenCart 3. After installation of this modification, you will "release" ..


Remove region / remove zone Opencart

OCMOD  modification file will remove Region fields and all region data displayed in your O..


Search Field in Admin Category OpenCart

This modification adds a Search Field to the category section in your OpenCart 3.A lot of custo..


Sessions Cleaner OpenCart

This extension will help you to save space in the database. A lot of old sessions are still in your ..


Auto Meta Tag Title and Seo URL OpenCart

This extension makes the Meta Tag Title and SEO URL for you to each product, category and informatio..


Fix of currency rates Opencart

You may not know but your currencies are not updated anymore.  Have a look at your OpenCart and..


Fix Out Of Stock Status Opencart

Fix Out Of Stock Status modification to fix display stock status on product page in OpenCartBefore ..


Meta OG DATA +Snippet for Google OpenCart 2

Metatag OG DATA +Snippet for Google. Now you can presents your products in Google..


Order Return Email Notification OpenCart

The script will add a fix to your Opencart 2 return section.If someone returns any product..


Preview of product

Preview of product is an extension for Opencart 2.0 and later. Now you can quickly preview your prod..


Product - option image size / The size of image for options OpenCart

This extension will help you set up size of the image for options in product. Sometimes your op..


Product Viewed Counter OpenCart

The extension adds to OpenCart 2.3 and 3.0  viewed counter to the product list a..


Remove region / remove zone Opencart 2

OCMOD  (OC2) or VQMOD (OC1.5) modification file will remove Region fields and all reg..


Search Field in Admin Category OpenCart 2

This modification adds a Search Field to the category section in your OpenCart 2.A lot of custo..


Snowflakes OpenCart

Wintertime so it's time to falling Snowflakes animation. Nice looking animation effect of falling s..

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How to start your Blog on OpenCart

22 Feb 2017 130032

Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, more and more people are starting blogs every day. It seems that just about every person or business has a blog these days. The good news is that the free step-by-step guide on this site removes any confusion from the process.

Why we use ionCube and what it does

20 Aug 2019 58803

We are asked these questions constantly: What is ionCube? Why do I need it to use your modules?Which version? Is it free? and many more related questions

Are You an OpenCart Developer? Deal for developers!

07 Nov 2019 33129

Buy OpenCart modules to get a permanent discount for all in our store!  The discount amount depends on the number of purchased modules. Your account will be assigned to the right user groups. After login to your personal account, you will see all the prices for you.

How to install ionCube loader

18 Nov 2017 34715

Using ionCube encoded and secured PHP (Anti-Hacking Protection) files requires a file called the ionCube Loader 10.3 + to be installed on the web server and made available to PHP. 

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Looking to establish a powerful online presence and boost your business? Look no further! Our team of experts is here to offer you an exceptional opportunity to have your dream e-commerce platform developed in record time. 

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