• inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3
  • inPost UK OpenCart 3

inPost is the latest module to OpenCart 3. It gives your customers an option to select the inPost locker in his town.

This module does not generate any label or shipping list in the inPost system.

The OpenCart 3 module displays a map with all available lockers in the UK.

The customer can select his favourite one as the collection point.

How does it work?

In the checkout progress, the module displays Google Maps with the lockers. There you can use the auto search field to find your city.

You have access to the filter above the map. You can easily select your fav type of the locker. 

On the right side of the map, you can find a list of the lockers in a selected location.

inPost UK

When you find your locker on the map you can use a button Select to add a full address of the locker to the order’s comment.

The additional option is Details which gives you access to see more information about the locker.

You will be able to see a picture of the locker, full address and route map to the locker.

Those all options give you all the information you will need to get to the collection point.

inPost UK


  • quick select an inPost locker on the Google Maps
  • auto search field
  • geolocation in your web browser ( require to approve by a user )
  • filter of lockers
  • GeoZones
  • Tax Class

Calculation of the value of shipments

  • Option 1: Items in Shopping Cart
  • Option 2: Parcel Dimension (A, B, C)
  • Option 3: Shopping Cart Amount

Before you buy it

If you have installed any modules or extensions such as One Page, please contact us and ask about a demo. You will be able to test the module on your store.

Things You Have To Know

Required skill


Installation & Configuration


Anti-Hacking Protection






PHP 7.2

Anti-Hacking Protection


FTP or Installer


Free update
12 months

6 months


Last update


Ask for a demo


GET 73 points!

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