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The OpenCart plugin allows you to integrate the payment acceptance service on the payment page of your web resource. Installing and activating the module will allow businesses to conveniently, quickly and safely receive money for goods/services, and customers to pay for orders with a variety of payment methods.

The OpenCart payment gateway replaces the team of programmers, allowing you to integrate the Internet acquiring service in one click. After connecting the payment gateway, your users will be able to pay for purchases with bank cards, online banking, and e-wallets. Having the ability to quickly pay with a convenient payment method will increase customer loyalty, increase the average check and business turnover.

More than 8,000 entrepreneurs around the world have connected to the FONDY payment gateway: from small niche sites to the largest online stores and international companies with millions of turnover. One of our latest projects, FondyGlobe, allowed us to bring our business to the international market.

Our payment platform works with merchants in 33 countries. Business owners can arrange to accept payments in 100+ currencies, including the US dollar, euro, and pound sterling. We work with EU and Eastern European banking organizations to ensure that transactions are processed as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost to connect

You do not need to pay for registration, using the Opencart payment gateway, or other payment acceptance methods. The platform only takes a commission from the payment, which is set up either for the seller or the buyer. That is, without the initial investment, you will be able to test the full functionality of the system and already pay for it after receiving the results. 

How to get Fondy account?

We are Official Partner so you can register yourself by click this link.

Also you can get a FREE Fondy module for your OpenCart, even if you got 1.5 version!

How to install the OpenCart module

Follow the instructions to install the Opencart payment module:

Download the modules here first. Click here or scan the QRcode below

1. Move the contents of the upload folder to the root of the site.

2. In the control panel, go to the Extensions section then select Payment from the drop-down menu 

3. Select and install FONDY from the list.

4. After clicking the "Edit" button, fill in the fields and save the changes.

By using the FONDY payment module for Opencart, you can change the appearance of the page, add payment methods, set up automatic payments, and so on. The result is convenient business management, faster payment acceptance, satisfied customers, and increased profits!

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