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The Cookies is a module that displays a request to accept cookies. The modern module displays a window with information about the storage of cookies and trackers.

However, this module is not just an empty query and information about cookies. If you do not use, for example, Google Analytics or trackers then you can use it for information about storing the basic cookie to operate the OpenCart store.

However, if your store collects information and places third-party trackers, you are required to notify the customer about it and ask for permission to do so.

This cookie module works by law and turns off / on the trackers selected by the client *

How it's working?

The module will allow you to present the customer with the exact name of the company and add a description to a given cookie in as many languages.

You also have the option of setting the default status of the cookie.

A special option allows you to keep the selected cookie turned on and not let the customer turn it off.

By default, the cookie that is required to operate the store is added at the very beginning of the list and is unchangeable.

For each cookie, the module has a special field for pasting an external code. If the cookie is not accepted by the store visitor, the code will of course not be activated.

The customer can enter the cookie settings and select from the list of created options and accept the selected ones.

After installation, the module must be configured and added to all Layouts, i.e. Product, Home, Contact, etc.

The operation of the module can be seen in our store

Key functionalities

  • auto language selection
  • dark mode or light mode
  • G-TAG for Google
  • any number of approvals
  • link to the cookie policy
  • client settings
  • Google Analytics only requires the G-TAG code
  • compatible with mobile devices
  • 3 display options
  • horizontal and vertical options

Configuration of cookies

  • the order in the list
  • name
  • description of the cookie
  • cookie code
  • default status
  • read-only

* if the store service correctly adds the tracker code to the module

Product details

Version 3.1
Language English
Works with OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.0.x
Server PHP 7.2-7.4 or PHP 8.1
Anti-Hacking Protection Free ionCube 11 & 12+ to PHP 8.1
License EULA
Installation OpenCart or FTP
Free update 12 months
Support 6 months
OpenCart Specialists
OpenCart Specialists

Since 2010

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