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Age Verification OpenCart

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Age Verification for Opencart 3 is a solution for websites which require Age Verification necessary measure for websites, you selling of age restricted goods requires compliance with the law and regulations.

The module Age Verification adds a special verification popup window either to a specific page or for the whole website which any visitor should pass to be able to access the content (to confirm the required age). Protect your business from underage custom.

Online retailers have a regulatory requirement to protect minors from accessing age restricted products and services. Failure to do so not only breaks the law, leading to sanctions, heavy fines and loss of trade, it can also result in significant reputational damage.

Why use Age Verification?

  • The selling of age restricted goods requires compliance with the law and regulations
  • A new mandatory condition was introduced in 2014 to ensure that all those who sell or supply alcohol have an age verification policy in place requiring them to ask anyone who looks under 18 for proof of age
  • The new Conservative Government has plans to establish an independent regulator with the power to compel internet service providers (ISPs) to block websites which fail to include effective age verification
Module options
  • image/logo
  • image size
  • image radius
  • box size
  • box radius
  • box padding
  • box border (9 styles)
  • background transparency (9 steps)
  • cookie name
  • cookie time
  • description
  • long description
  • header
  • questions Yes or No
  • colours of border, background, fonts, buttons etc.
  • redirect after press NO button
  • any position for all content
  • responsive (Bootstrap)
  • and more

Product details

Version 3.0.x
Language English
Works with OpenCart 3.0.x
Server PHP 7.2-7.4 or PHP 8.1
Anti-Hacking Protection Free ionCube 11 & 12 to PHP 8.1
License EULA
Installation OpenCart or FTP
VQmod No
Free update 12 months
Support 6 months
OpenCart Specialists
OpenCart Specialists

Since 2010

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